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Guy Proost, PaperlinX
"Increase in turnover of 30% at Paperlinx thanks to SwingGift campaigns"

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Mick Daman, Universal Communication
"A smooth and transparent follow-up of the referral process"

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Livine Quintens, GE
"Flexibility is the key word for me when it comes to SwingGift."

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Xavier Lalieu, Vaillant
"Reliability, professionalism and customer-oriented solutions"

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InSites Consulting avoids shipping costs thanks to SwingGift

InSites Consulting motivates respondents to its market research surveys with SwingGift Vouchers. That way it avoids the huge shipping costs and makes more people happy with gift vouchers of their choice.

What started off as a modest initiative by four marketeers has grown today into a pan-European research agency with a staff of 75 and offices in Ghent, Rotterdam, London and Geneva. InSites Consulting offers market research and consulting to companies in fields such as communication and innovation research.

With SwingGift we are able to satisfy all our target groups. Sam Berteloot, InSites Consulting

Expensive shipping
For market research you need respondents. InSites Consulting has built up a research panel therefore of about two million people around the world who volunteer to participate in online surveys, discussion groups, communities, etc. Managing partner Sam Berteloot: “These respondents are absolutely crucial for us. So we motivate them by giving them the opportunity to win a prize each time. In the past it was an iPod, a TV, a surround system, you know. Not cheap prizes. And often expensive to ship.”

Cash on the nail
A need to cut costs was the main reason for looking into alternatives. “Today we send the winners an e-mail with a code that they can exchange on SwingGift. No more handling costs! And what’s more they can order their gift voucher directly. Cash on the nail.”

SwingGift offers more than 200 gift vouchers. Sam Berteloot: “Elderly ladies don’t have the slightest interest in an iPod and teenagers couldn’t care less about a surround system. With SwingGift we are able to really satisfy all our target groups.”

1,000 winners
And there’s even more. “In the past we gave away just one prize per survey. Because we are able to save costs, we are now able to make four or five respondents lucky winners. All in all we now have about 1,000 winners per year.”

InSites Consulting campaignin a nutshell

  • Goal: motivate people to participate in the surveys
  • Target group: respondents of all age groups and categories
  • Solution: electronic SwingGift Vouchers – codes by e-mail
  • Advantages:
    • Elimination of shipping costs
    • Reach more people due to lower costs
    • Winners can order their gift vouchers directly
    • Gifts for all target groups

Sam Berteloot
Managing partner
T. +32 9 269 16 05

InSites Consulting
Evergemsesteenweg 195
B-9032 Gent